Affiliate Network

by All Investments

Seasoned entrepreneurs and executives make up WIN’s Affiliate Network.  This diverse group provides WIN and its portfolio companies with expertise across all stages of a Company’s life cycle.  Although all Affiliates typically have the opportunity to invest in nearly all companies we back, each Affiliate is committed to providing on-demand mentorship to WIN portfolio companies upon the Company’s request.  Being an Affiliate is much more than providing capital.

Andre Haddad

CEO, RelayRides
Former CEO,; SVP Product, eBay; Co-Founder & COO, iBazar; Brand Manager, Procter & Gamble Interests Consumer Web, Mobile

Omar Hamoui

Partner, Sequoia Capital
Former CEO & Founder, AdMob Interests Cloud Computing, Consumer Web, Enterprise, Mobile

Dave Hersh

Self, Director, 62 Miles
Dave was the founding CEO at Jive (now Chairman), CFO at 4charity, a management consultant a VIA. Interests Cloud Computing, Enterprise, Mobile, Social

Jeff Huber

SVP, Google X
Former VP, Architecture & Systems at eBay; SVP Engineering & Product Development, Excite@Home; SVP Engineering, @Home Network Interests Cloud Computing, Consumer Web, Infrastructure, Mobile

Karl Jacob

CEO and Co-Founder, Hangtime Inc.
CEO and Founder, Coveroo; CEO and Founder, Wallop; Founding CEO, Cloudmark; CEO and Co-Founder, Keen Interests Consumer Web, eCommerce, Social

Jack Jia

Founder & Chairman, Baynote; Partner, GSR Ventures
Former CEO, Baynote; SVP & Founding CTO, Interwoven; Founder & CEO, V-max America Interests Cloud Computing, Consumer Web, Enterprise, Mobile

Tammy Johns

CEO, Strategy & Talent
Former SVP, Innovation & Workforce Solutions, ManpowerGroup; SVP, Global Sales, ManpowerGroup; Chairman, Canadian Operations, Manpower Interests Human Resource Management Tools, Platforms, Social, Tools

Jeff Jordan

General Partner, Andreessen Horowitz
Former CEO, OpenTable; President, PayPal; SVP North America, eBay; CFO of Disney Stores, Walt Disney Company Interests Cloud Computing, Consumer Web, Enterprise, Mobile

Vyomesh Joshi

Former Executive Vice President, Imaging and Printing Group Hewlett-Packard Company Interests Alternate Energy, Consumer, Life Sciences, Mobile, Tech, Web

Paul Judge

Executive Chairman, Pindrop; Chief Research Officer, Barracuda
Former Co-founder and CTO, Purewire; CTO, Secure Computing; CTO, CipherTrust Interests Enterprise, SaaS, Security, Social