What We Look For

Investment stage: Seed round (first source of capital), though WIN will make select investments in later stage (A, B, C) rounds and secondary market purchases. Though we typically do not lead rounds, we often partner with a syndicate of leading seed funds to fill a round.

Investment size: $100,000 - $500,000, with additional capital reserved for follow-on investments. We like to back our entrepreneurs throughout their funding lifecycle.

Areas of focus: Technology, with a particular interest in cloud applications and infrastructure, enterprise software, mobile, marketplaces, e-commerce, crowdsourcing, and consumer internet. What we generally won’t invest in: Semiconductors, cleantech, life sciences, and non-technology companies.

How we decide:

People first. WIN bets on entrepreneurs over ideas. We gravitate toward entrepreneurs who are highly technical, passionate, realistic, and insightful, who are great listeners, who understand their competitors better than their competitors know themselves, and who dream of creating the next big thing in their respective industries.

Problem solving. We seek to fund companies that are solving a deep, identifiable problem or pain point.

Innovation. We look for companies that have developed a unique or innovative product/service, or a novel new approach.

Identifiable business model. We seek to fund companies with a business model that can rapidly scale in a cost-efficient way.

Traction. With the costs of starting a company and getting a product to market rapidly declining, we prefer to invest in companies that have built a product, have a very clear use case with initial customers/users and a clear path to revenue.